A Case for Donating

The problem:  The opioid epidemic in the United States is having a devastating impact on individuals and their families, and is creating a tremendous strain on the U.S. healthcare system. Last year alone this scourge claimed the lives of more than 43,000 Americans – more than died in car accidents!

CHIME answered the call:  CHIME’s more than 2,700 members in leadership roles at nearly 5,000 healthcare institutions and related organizations are innovating every day at the intersection of data access and care delivery for hundreds of millions of patients. Seeking to leverage members’ unique insights and assets, CHIME is determined to make a real difference by launching the CHIME Opioid Task Force to address the crisis.

CHIME Opioid Task Force’s Plan of Action: The task force has chosen to focus its development on two specific areas where it believes CHIME can make the most impact:

  • Using members’ expertise and CHIME’s resources to facilitate hospital and community-based education and best practice sharing and,
  • Engaging policy leaders at national, state, and local levels with the help of the CHIME Public Policy Steering Committee and CHIME’s public policy team to advocate for healthcare IT policies and programs to combat the opioid epidemic.

A respectful request for your financial generosity:  We need your financial support to ensure the CHIME Opioid Task Force can see its work to completion.

  • The task force volunteers have already collectively logged thousands of hours for this cause and are enthusiastically prepared to do more over the next year. Additionally, CHIME has contributed countless hours of unbudgeted staff support (over and above the seed funding used for the task force launch) by diverting people away from normal-course responsibilities
  • Our biggest fear is that despite the task force’s best efforts, we are not resourced to ensure success – and thus our decision, with the support of the CHIME Board of Trustees, to conduct a fund-raising effort.

How to donate:

Individual donors, simply click the button below to access the secure donation site. The contributions are tax deductible and can be made via major credit card and PayPal!

Organizations and entities can make their donation via credit card or Pay as described above or by using following these wire transfer instructions.

Questions can be directed to
Bruce Cerullo
Fundraising Co-Chair
CEO, Nordic Consulting Partners
cell: 781-801-4590
email: [email protected]


CHIME Opioid Action Center

710 Avis Drive, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Phone: 1.734.665.0000


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