What is your overall strategy responding to the opioid crisis (in addition to PDMP integration)?

Allscripts has developed and communicated, both internally and externally, an overall approach that brings to bear our resources to address the Opioid Epidemic.  In short, these tools are focused on four areas:

  • EPCS to help fight fraud and abuse
  • PDMP Integration to provide seamless and transparent retrieval of patient data
  • Informed Decisions through alerts, scores, and dashboards (analytics)
  • Clinical Guidelines and Tools

This article provides an overall summary of Allscripts’ public commitment:

What is your overall approach to PDMP integration?

Point-to-point or hub-and-spoke?

Hub-and-spoke:  Allscripts has integrated with various PDMP aggregators and state PDMPS to enable one-click access to a patient’s PDMP data within the EHR workflow.  We continue to work on expanding our functionality in this area, as the market is evolving quickly, including requirements from the state regulators.

Where in workflow?  EPCS or Other – for example: all encounters vs EPCS only

All Encounters.  Allscripts has taken a unique approach wherein the PDMP data is requested and retrieved for every patient encounter (not just when a controlled substance is being prescribed and not just on demand) so that providers will have this important data available at all times.  In that way, providers will be alerted to potential problems even when the patient is presenting for routine or other visits that might not normally prompt a prescription for a controlled substance.

What are your plans and progress in interoperability with state PDMPs?

Allscripts has entered into relationships with various partners and states to provide PDMP integration across all states.  Where it is allowed, Allscripts will be deploying functionality at a future date to increase integration of the data from PDMPs into our EHRs.

Allscripts – PDMP Strategy Survey

What is your interoperability with Appriss?

  • Do you offer / resell NarxCare?
  • Allscripts has a relationship with Appriss that provides access to all their supported states (currently at 48). Allscripts has worked very closely with Appriss to implement a unique technology approach to enable rapid retrieval and response with data.
  • Do you offer any alternate risk models and analytics availability? If so, please describe.
  • Native development and/or 3rd party vendors (e.g. PastRx)
  • Not at this time. Allscripts does enable providers to easily link to state PDMPs that provide this level of analytics, and we are in the process of developing native analytics capabilities.
  • Do you link directly to PDMP?
  • Whether Appriss or other vendors, we link from within our EHRs to the PDMPs. Allscripts also displays a PMDP-sourced report that is presented to the provider within the EHR workflow.
  • Data import from PDMP?
  • Our ability to import data is affected by state laws and regulations, given that a large number of states prohibit such data consumption by the EHR. Where it is allowed, Allscripts will be deploying functionality at a future date to increase integration of the data from PDMPs into our EHRs.

Do you have interoperability with alternate PDMP solutions?  Have you developed integrations with;

  • State portal(s)
  • RxCheck/PDMP Assist
  • Logicoy
  • HIE as link to Appriss or others.
  • Other
    • Answers above speak to Allscripts’ interoperability with each of these vendors or vendor types.

If you can, please share any specific client case studies – include 2-3 representative client examples

  • Allscripts is seeking the appropriate permissions from clients so that we may share such information. We will do so when they are available.

Optional: If you are able, please share the economic model in provision of these services to your provider clients. 

  • As part of its commitments to provide relevant IT solutions that are responsive to the critical Opioid crisis, Allscripts has chosen not to charge clients any additional fees related to PDMP. All related PDMP functionality is included with a client’s EPCS subscription.


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