Dr First

Overall strategy responding to the opioid crisis (in addition to PDMP integration)

  • MME Equivalent
  • Alerts customizable by enterprise, such as the 6-6-5 alert.
  • Benchmarking dashboards

Overall approach to PDMP integration

  • Point to point, hub and spoke
    • Both
  • Where in workflow?
    • At point of e-prescribing
    • Available at any point in encounter

Plans and progress in interoperability with state PDMP’s

  • State-specific successes and challenges
    • Integrated with APPRISS
    • In Nebraska we are the state PDMP
    • Also, have direct connect with some states

Interoperability with Appriss.

  • Formal agreement?
    • As they bring up a state we integrate
  • NarxCare resale?
    • Not Clear on this question. We integrate with Narxcare but are not a reseller.
  • Alternate risk model and analytics availability? Describe.
    • Native development
  • Direct link to PDMP?
    • In all e-prescribing apps there are numerous integration points. By clicking PDMP is displayed and prescriber is given credit with the state for checking.
  • Data import from PDMP? Describe.
    • In states that allow data will become part of the medhx.

Interoperability with alternate PDMP solutions

  • Custom integration with state portal(s)
    • yes
  • RxCheck/PDMP Assist
  • Logicoy
  • HIE as link to Appriss or others.
    • Yes, already integrated with a number of HIEs
  • Other




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Phone: 1.734.665.0000


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