Overall strategy responding to the opioid crisis (in addition to PDMP integration)

  • NextGen NGCare enables us to manage populations of patients that are considered high risks for opioid abuse.
  • New behavioral health content enables provider to appropriately screen patients that are high risk for Opioid abuse.
  • Internal task force commissioned within NextGen to establish a strategy and communication plan to address the crisis.

Overall approach to PDMP integration

  • Point to point, hub and spoke
    • NextGen Enterprise (NGE) EHR supports point-to-point connections from EHR to Appriss. In the coming Spring 2019, we will be offering a proxy server between EHR and Appriss which will handle two-way SSL.
  • Where in workflow?


  • NGE EHR offers an automatic report retrieval before a user sends a controlled substance.
    • Other – for example: all encounters vs EPCS only
  • NGE EHR offers ad-hoc PDMP reports available for any user with proper credentials.

Plans and progress in interoperability with state PDMP’s

State-specific successes and challenges

  • Due to scalability, NextGen’s focus has been on establishing a centralized connectivity to various state registries through Appriss. We do have some direct points of connectivity with various state registries who are not connected thru Appriss. Those connections can often be complex since many states have established their own proprietary methods of connectivity, so these connections are established on a case-by-case bases and may come at a higher cost to the client.

Interoperability with Appriss.

  • Formal agreement?
    • NGE has integration with Appriss. Clients pay Appriss directly for licenses.
  • NarxCare resale?
    • Appriss sales NarxCare directly to NGE clients as a value-added-service.
  • Alternate risk model and analytics availability? Describe.
    • Native development and/or 3rd party eg PastRx
  • Direct link to PDMP?  None
  • Data import from PDMP? None

Interoperability with alternate PDMP solutions

  • Custom integration with state portal(s)
    • None
  • RxCheck/PDMP Assist
    • None
  • Logicoy
    • State-specific solutions are available for NGE EHR clients residing in states where Logicoy has a contract with the state to offer access to the PDMP.
  • HIE as link to Appriss or others.
  • Other

Client case studies – include 2-3 representative client examples

  • At this time, NextGen has not conducted case studies on PDMP connectivity.

Optional: Economic model in provision of these services to the provider client

  • NextGen does not require clients to license or pay for additional services to integrate with the standard connectivity through Appriss, however, clients may be subjected to licensing charges directly by the state PMP.


CHIME Opioid Action Center

710 Avis Drive, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Phone: 1.734.665.0000


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