How Seattle Children’s Hospital Leveraged Real-World EMR Data to Deliver Opioid-Free Surgery

Dr. Dan Low, MD speaks to his co-worker Dr. Lynn Martin, MD, MBA about how they leveraged Seattle Children’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data to eliminate opioid usage intraoperatively in over 40,000 surgeries. AdaptX was introduced to the Anesthesia team as a self-service clinical performance solution. This allowed clinical teams and their leaders to directly access real-world data collected by their EMRs. Now, they could look across their patients to manage focused improvements and understand the performance of their protocols.

Dr. Dan Low, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Chief Medical Officer, AdaptX

Dr. Lynn Martin, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Continuous Improvement and Innovation at Seattle Children’s Hospital

In early 2018, the CHIME Opioid Task Force (OTF) was launched  with a simple mission: to turn the tide on the opioid epidemic using the knowledge and expertise of the nation’s health care IT leaders. They created the Opioid Action Center (OAC) to provide the latest knowledge, resources and insights for health care IT leaders on the front lines of the opioid crisis. While our mission is simple, achieving it is not. Opioid/substance use disorder is a complex disease that requires long-term, if not lifetime, care from well-informed clinicians who are supported with easy-to-use and reliable tools.


CHIME Opioid Action Center

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