Integration of FindHelp with Epic

Explore the leading-edge work of Virtua Health a comprehensive healthcare system in Southern New Jersey recognized by CHIME in 2023 as a “Most Wired” Level 10 health system, a top honor shared by only 19 U.S. hospitals/health systems. Join moderator Bill Spooner, a retired CIO and Co-chair of CHIME OTF’s Emerging Technology/Interoperability subcommittee, in this illuminating podcast episode. Discover how Virtua Health seamlessly embeds FindHelp into Epic, revolutionizing patient referrals for opioid treatment. Krista Lokan, IT Population Health Architect at Virtua Health, shares the challenges and triumphs of implementing this innovative tool, offering real-time access to vital resources. Learn how FindHelp streamlines patient care, eliminates manual processes, and fosters collaboration among healthcare entities. Gain insights into Virtua’s success metrics and their regional efforts to combat substance abuse. Don’t miss this insightful conversation on leveraging technology to drive meaningful change in opioid treatment.

Host: Bill Spooner

A mostly retired CIO and Co-chair of the CHIME OTF’s Technology and Interoperability subcommittee.

Guest: Krista Lokan

IT Population Health Architect, Virtua Health

What you’ll learn about:

Virtua Health, and how they received their Level 10 Most Wired certification in 2023, including for their technology implementations addressing opioids.

What problems they were you facing, including for electronic referrals.

What Findhelp is how it can benefit patients, clinicians, operations, and more.

What tools FindHelp offers & how Virtua Health is utilizing them.

– How Virtua Health is measuring the impact of FindHelp in their community.

For more information from Krista reach out to her on LinkedIn.

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