Summary-Addressing Stigma in the Treatment of Opioid and Substance Use Disorder

Welcome to our podcast, Addressing Stigma in the Treatment of Opioid and Substance Use Disorder with Dr. Sarah Porter.  This podcast is one in a series organized through CHIME’s Opioid Task Force and Action Center.

Dr. Sarah Porter, our guest today,  is a physician leader from Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, Ohio – the focal point of Sam Quinones book Dreamland (A True Tale of America’s Epidemic) which chronicles the opioid crisis and its real impact on people, families and communities.  She has been the Senior Medical Director of Family Practice with SOMC since 2015, where she supports 16 locations of primary care. Dr. Porter is a member of SOMC’s Physician Informatics Committee and believes strongly in clinical standardization across the organization. She has also been a part of numerous quality improvement initiatives.  Dr. Porter is the mother of five children which is amazing particularly when you hear her story and the connection to the opioid crisis.

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