New Naloxone Formulations for First Responders to Deadly Fentanyl

In this podcast episode, host Dr. Steven H. Linder talks with three other expert physicians who are leaders in the fight against the opioid epidemic: Dr. Casey Grover, Dr. Don Stader, and Dr. Scott Weiner. The panel explores the power of naloxone, the emergency intervention that has saved countless people after accidental overdose with fentanyl, the illicit drug now appearing in pill form and in illegal drugs of all kinds. The physicians give a moving inside look at the actual situation on the front lines, as healthcare professionals and communities join forces to save their loved ones. With opioid-related deaths at an all-time high in 2022, the panelists explore how we can make a difference, whether by carrying naloxone personally, raising awareness of fentanyl’s dangers, or advocating for much-needed investment in addiction medicine. The podcast begins with a 4 minute introduction and background to the subject, followed by the panel discussion at 4:00.


Steven H. Linder, MD, FCCP, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Pulmonary Medicine, Physician, VA Medical Center Palo Alto, California

Casey Grover, MD, FACEP, Chair of the Division of Emergency Medicine, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and Physician Champion of the Monterey County Prescribe Safe Initiative.

Don Stader, MD, FACEP, Founder & President, Stader Opioid Consultants and Chair of the Colorado Naloxone Project. Physician, Swedish Medical Center and Lincoln Health in Colorado.

Scott Weiner, MD, MPH, Director, Brigham Comprehensive Opioid Response and Education Program, Brigham Women’s Hospital



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