Ambulatory EHR Optimization for Private Practice vs Health Systems

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Host: Patty Lavely, CIO Consultant and Co-chair, CHIME Opioid Task Force

Guest: Mike Burger, Senior Consultant, Point-of-Care Partners

What you’ll learn about:

– High level overview of the ambulatory EHR landscape.

– If the standard software on the market today provides “opioid tools” to help providers manage patients that are taking opioids or are high risk for addiction/overdose.-

– Third-party software to improve the capabilities including PDMP integration.

– How it all fits (or doesn’t) within the clinical workflows in the office.

– If EHRs are typically tied into community services to support patients with SUD.

– Technology differences between independent physician practices vs those owned by health systems/hospitals, and if there’s a difference in how they’re able to determine the patients at risk.

-Whether, like hospitals, physician practices have come a long way with reducing opioid prescriptions; and if the software has functionality to support changing ordering practices.

– The percentage of physician practices contributing data and viewing data via an HIE (in Mike’s experience).

– What health IT leaders do to mitigate the challenges in utilizing the technology to assist with better opioid stewardship and managing patients at risk.

The CHIME Opioid Task Force (OTF) was launched in early 2018 with a simple mission: to turn the tide on the opioid epidemic using the knowledge and expertise of the nation’s healthcare IT leaders. While our mission is simple, achieving it is not. Opioid addiction is a complex disease that requires long-term, if not lifetime, care from well-informed clinicians who are supported with easy-to-use and reliable tools.


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